Mile High 69®

Tastes like Sex in the Air

Even though the legendary Mile High Club is only really a commonly used saying, the term has nonetheless been around for more than 100 years. Anyone who has ever had sex on board a plane is considered a member of the club. The first member was US pilot Lawrence Sperry, who founded the Mile High Club

back in November 1916 together with a certain Waldo Polk while using a self-made autopilot. Based on this world-famous Mile High Club, MILE HIGH 69® GIN promises an experience of a similarly special kind.


A special flight number

1,852 m above ground level

The club’s eccentric entry criteria haven’t changed since those days, stipulating an altitude of at least 1,852 metres – a nautical mile – for the aforementioned romantic liaison. To guarantee the high-quality of MILE HIGH 69® GIN, the production run is limited to 1,852 bottles per batch. That said, the distillery, the select botanicals, the elaborate maceration and distillation process and the high standards of quality do not allow for the gin to be produced in large quantities.


Pure pleasure

Almost too good to mix – MILE HIGH 69® feels especially good when classically served on the rocks with a slice of lemon. It is a GIN that appeals to all the senses and leaves a wonderfully silky experience on the palate. MILE HIGH 69® is distilled with loving care and is as pure and honest as the Lake Constance water used to make it. The best way of enjoying MILE HIGH 69® is with somebody special, soaring to previously unimagined heights and savouring the experience of the unique flavours.

Mile High 69 Gin

Mile High 69®

Handcrafted fine dry gin


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