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Sustainability – Mile High 69® 

Climate positive, organic and brand ambassador of the initiative “massvoll Genießen”

As the traditional and exclusive producer of gin, we understand sustainability as part of our DNA. Just as we are continuously working to explore new depths of taste in our gins, we see sustainability as a matter of course and an ongoing process.

Sustainability penetrates all of our processes – from manufacture to the glass. Three factors in particular play a major role for us:

The climate footprint, the constant control during processing as well as the responsibility in dealing with alcohol.

Climate Positivity

We are more than climate neutral

A company that does not increase the amount of climate-damaging gases in the atmosphere is called climate-neutral. This means that the CO2 balance is zero.

We go one step further – our company is already climate positive!

Climate positive means that additional CO2 is offset through climate protection projects or our own process optimization, which guarantees a positive contribution to the environment.

Julica Renn
Julica Renn



A company is called organic if it meets the requirements for an organic seal. Nowadays there are a multitude of seals, which makes it easy to lose track of their real meaning.

We go one step further – we completely do without synthetic additives in our products!

All herbs and spices come from purely organic cultivation. There is no genetic manipulation whatsoever and the bottles are still traditionally sealed and filled by hand.

massvoll genießen


As a brand ambassador for the “massvoll genießen” initiative, a company fulfills the requirements of the BSI (Federal Association of the German Spirits Industry) in terms of responsibility for the sale of alcohol.

We go one step further – our company goes beyond the requirements of the BSI!

The sale takes place with sensible, comprehensible and effective self-regulation. In addition, active prevention, education and information measures are implemented.

Julica Renn