On the rocks, as a gin and tonic variation or as part of a gin cocktail

Gin is the main ingredient in a large number of cocktails. Here we present four classic recipes recommended by Julica Renn. They are reminiscent of the Golden Twenties, the era of the beginnings of the legendary Mile High Club.

The select recipes all underscore the fine and elegant taste of MILE HIGH 69® GIN and can be mixed without the need for any special bar equipment.

Mile High 69®


Of the basic spirits, gin is the most versatile Ingrediant. You will love the Mile High 69 pure feeling.

Mile High 69®

„Gin Tonic“

Regarded as the favorite beverage of Queen Mum, now returns as a trendy drink – the Gin & Tonic.

Mile High 69®

„My Fair Lady“

This frothy, fruity cocktail was invented at London´s Savoy Hotel. Coincide with the so named musical.

Mile High 69®

„Gin Fizz“

The combination of sourness and fizziness in this 19th-century recipe is what makes it so refreshing.

Mile High 69®


The Aviation cocktail will give you wings. Seriously. A cocktail that will take you higher.

Mile High 69®

„Basil Smash“

The drink became a phenomenon, winning “Best New Cocktail” of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

Mile High 69®

„The Negroni“

Summer tastes like Margaritas or Mojitos – try this one, its a bit more continental.

Mile High 69®

„Raspberry Thyme“

The Raspberry Thyme Smash is relatively young. It arose in New York at the end of the 2000s.

Mile High 69®

„Ladylove Gin Tonic“

Always gallant. Mile High 69® in a composition with raspberries and rose petals – for your ladylove.

Perfect GIN pleasure

With loving attention to detail

Freshness and the finest ingredients perfectly complement the taste, depending on the recipe. It could be zesty lime juice from freshly squeezed limes, green sprigs of mint for exquisite freshness or organic oranges for a sweet and fruity flavour – all served with plenty of crushed ice that slowly melts as the time passes. That’s how to enjoy the perfect GIN.

Mile High 69 Gin
Mile High Tonic Herbal

Optimal tonic water

Quinine-free organic tonic

We now also sell quinine-free organic tonic water based on a herbal recipe. The taste has been carefully blended by Julica Renn to complement MILE HIGH 69® GIN. The fine, slightly bitter note is the result of a delicately balanced mix of organically grown herbs, making this tonic water the ideal companion to MILE HIGH 69® GIN.


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