Mile High 69

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Julica Renn

The distiller

The distiller, Julica Renn, is also a keen pilot. With her love of experimentation, she is responsible for the composition of this extraordinary gin at the traditional

family-run distillery by Lake Constance. Her declared aim: ‘To pour as much passion as possible into the glass!’

Mile High 69® on TV

SWR-LANDESSCHAU, German only, Portrait: “Julica Renn, the Gin burner from Lake Constance”


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A secret and finely blended recipe creates the typically clean and pure taste of MILE HIGH 69®. The unfiltered gin is distilled using 19 natural botanicals, including juniper, sweet almond, lemon balm, elderflower, kumquat, pine tips, lime and inflorescences from the Müller-Thurgau grape variety. The key factors are careful selection, the finest quality and a harmonious composition.

The essential elements are perfectly dissolved in the gin and elegantly bring out the flavours. MILE HIGH 69® feels especially good when classically served on the rocks with a slice of lemon. It is a GIN that appeals to all the senses and leaves a wonderfully silky experience on the palate. MILE HIGH 69® is distilled with loving care and is as pure and honest as the Lake Constance water used to make it.



German Brand Award 2019 + Gold and Silver Medals


International prizes

Julica Renn has one avowed goal: “to get as much passion as possible in the glass!” Her success has been confirmed by five international top awards, which she received in just one year after launch: gold at the World Spirits Award 2018, silver at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and three more medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2018: a gold medal for the extraordinary look in the “Spirits Artwork & Bottle Design” category, and two silver medals in the “Gin & Tonic” and “Judge’s Score” categories, making her MILE HIGH 69® the best gin in the world.

Batch distilled

Limited production run

To guarantee the high quality of MILE HIGH 69® GIN, the production run is limited to 1,852 bottles per batch. That said, the distillery, the select botanicals, the elaborate maceration and distillation process and the high standards of quality do not allow for the gin to be produced in large quantities.And why ‘69’? Shame on anyone with a dirty mind. It takes 69 intricate steps to produce this high-quality GIN, each of which is performed with the utmost care and a great deal of patience.


A Gin-Highlight

For enjoying, collecting or presenting as a gift

In MILE HIGH 69® you are choosing a GIN of the highest quality, made in small batches with a pure and clean taste. Safety first: every bottle is individually sealed by hand.