Mile High 69

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by Julica Renn

The Mile High Club

Even though the legendary Mile High Club is only really a commonly used saying, the term has nonetheless been around for more than 100 years. Anyone who has ever had sex on board a plane is considered a member of the club…

Der Mile High Club und seine Mitglieder
Julica Renn

Mile High 69®

distilled by Julica Renn

The distiller, Julica Renn, is also a keen pilot. With her love of experimentation, she is responsible for the composition of this extraordinary gin at the traditional family-run distillery by Lake Constance. Her declared aim: ‘To pour as much passion as possible into the glass!’…

Mile High 69®

Handcrafted „love“ly dry gin

Handcrafted „love“ly dry gin
German Brand Award + Gold and Silver Medals