Mile High 69

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Mile High 69®

„Gin Tonic“

1/3 Mile High 69 Gin
2/3 Mile High 69  biologic Tonic Water

Decisive for the perfect Gin and Tonic is a low drinking temperature and a low meltwater output. The drinking vessel and Tonic Water should be pre-cooled. The glass can be stored in the refrigerator compartment or cooled with ice cubes.

Put the gin in the glass. Then open the bottle of Tonic Water (just before use to get the carbonic acid). Fill the Tonic Water slowly into the drinking vessel so that as little carbonic acid escapes. Now fill the glass slowly to the edge with ice cubes. Stir carefully with a cocktail stick. Finally, garnish the glass rim with a lemon or lime slice or alternatively add the fruit slice to the glass. If desired, the drink can be refined with herbs, spices or fruits.

Gin FizzMile High 69 - Classic